Umahlekisa Comedy Club

2 Years Of Umahlekisa Comedy Club

We would like to join comedy fans in celebrating two years of serious laughs brought to us by the comedy club Umahlekisa.

The Ntando Moyo led club held their celebrations at a show dubbed Umahlekisa @ 2 on Saturday at Elite 400. Q the boss (my best) and Michael K traveled all the way from Harare.

The lineup was impressive on the day but the stage told another story. I was impressed by Ntando Moyo’s marketing skills. In the run-up to the event he comically profiled each artist, the kind of profiling that whets your appetite. So yes, the comedians took turns to try and make us laugh and try they did. Though it was easier to laugh at or pity most of them as they just did not deliver on the night, there were still a few mind-blowing deliveries like sets from Q the boss, Keith Nkosi and a new boy called Mandlenkosi Simbarashe.

As a people we have always believed that moving to the other side is always greener. That, unfortunately, cannot be said about Mayibongwe. The young man was part of one of the biggest potentials in theatre in the late 2000’s. He was one-half of Jeepers Makers with now Superstar Clive Chigubhu. The boys knew how to crack up their audiences. They were equally funny.

Then he packed his bags and went down South. He is back, trying his hand at comedy (so far, drunk comedy). He was not the only one drunk or drinking on the night, but his set for someone opening a comedy show was for lack of a better word disastrous. Not that the boy is a total loss. He has other qualities like stage presence, but on the night he was not funny and failed to pick himself up. He could have stopped his set earlier upon realizing that he had lost the audience, but he did not he continued giving comedy a bad name. If he is to stay as a comic, he needs to get material. Comedy is not a vulgar language, some people will make us laugh with clean jokes. Dear comics please note not everyone can get away with being crude.
be safe….

Nkue Nkala,