3 Sales Pitch Tips

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3 Sales Pitch Tips

Sales is one of the most important part of any business and as for the arts industry is one of the hardest if one is not adequately prepared and here are some tips to assist you as you pitch your idea or creative product.

  1. Research
    You must know what your target consumer is seeking. Maybe it is the lowest cost provider. Maybe it is not. Perhaps they are most concerned with the ability or some other assurance you can provide. When marketing your goods or services, however, you must first understand your target market and what they are looking for. Conduct research to identify why they are seeking your goods or services so that you can create a more targeted marketing campaign.
  2. Define Segments
    Perhaps you will only have one demographic. But if you are like most goods or services providers you will have multiple. Your multiple target demographics will, correspondingly, have diverse triggers they will seek when deciding upon a goods or services provider. As such, you must define your target segments and the key factors that influence their purchasing decision
    in advance of initiating your marketing campaign (e.g., price, ability, etc.).
  3. Specific Messages for Specific Segments
    Finally, once you have identified your target consumer groups and have de ned those segments with the traits that will motivate them to purchase your goods or services create specific marketing messages for those specific consumer segments. For instance, for one group competing on price alone may
    be sufficient. However, for another, they may be more concerned about ability, and price can only be used as a closer once they are convinced you can deliver on your goods or services promise.

So rather than repeatedly pitching the same bene t of your goods or services blindly to all consumers break down your target markets, identify the traits they retain and why they are seeking your goods or services, tailor your pitch to their specific needs, and watch your sales reach new levels.

Hope these will assist you nest time you have a sales pitch.