A Scribed Called Tswa

A Scribed Called Tswa

The multitalented artist “A Scribed Called Tswa” is a creative and artistic individual who describes himself with these words.

“My being is t coming together of the many experiences”Like the Bantu concept of a village rating a child’, it is that which is around me that inspires my definition. Creativity, purpose, love, beauty, knowledge, respect, etc. This is the community with which I have chosen to raise myself.

A Scribed Called Tswa

I was born Tswarelo Mothobe, a Sotho boy in a Ndebele society that houses Rozvi, Zulu, Tonga, etc. Already at my birth and growing, I was a convergence of a diversity of cultures. The last of my tribe central to the practice and preservation of the heritage and consciousness of the African. It is this that propels the attitude of my spirit in that which I write, perform and direct. Working in literature, theatre, and lm, the productions to my name are my vision from this background.

Art for me has been, first, my only means of education, considering my level of schooling, has been my vocation and my means of communication with the rest of humanity. Through it I express that which I am.

We profile the artist “A Scribe Called Tswa” as is currently working on a lm project that is set to be released in the first quarter of 2014. Tswa is reluctant to divulge the details of his lm but promising a story of visual art and creativity of the most highest standard.

The Poet
I believe poetry is what we feel and what we think, and because everyone has feelings and thoughts, I believe each of us are poets in a way or another. It is left to each of us to realize this and our means of expressing it… My yearning for an existence better than that which we have de ned for ourselves invokes the poet in me… my belief is rooted in the idea that change towards the better begins within the self… so through my words, I challenge myself towards positive growth, tolerance, respect, definition; of myself first and a beautiful realization of the world and all of its inhabitants. Because I have become this person, I begin to see every other being in this way and as epitomes of this in our various ways.

The unfolding of history and time in Africa and its people has fragmented the definitions, beliefs and being of our people. My work is an attempt at reminding ourselves of ourselves. Because some- where in the nooks of time and space, we have been great people and even greater as a people.

The Writer
Since those days that township streets were my definition, their dust dressing the energy that was this African boy, the creative my only companion, I was always creating worlds in my mind. Seeking to understand the creations of others, I loved to learn; reading everything I could, I loved to listen and explore. The writer is my beginning; it is what I am first. I write because it is all that I have, what I came with into this existence, that which God placed directly in my hands… this ability to play God with my mind and pen things into being. Every other aspect of my being begins in the writer and evolves to suit the necessity, be it theatre, lm, music, the ears of an excited sweetheart, the elated expressions of children by re-light or just mere talk; I write…