Alaina: The Beautiful Singer and Songwriter

Alaina Pullen, the songstress on the rise working with industry giants such as Andy Cutta and the KLAP family who just had a video launch of her debut single ‘Juice Box’ in Bulawayo last month.

Kwantuthu Arts Magazine interviews the musical beauty to find out more about the lady and her music career.

What is behind your Music?
My music is drawn from life situations, what I’m going through, how I feel at that present moment, what I have been through. I feel that the most personal details in my music are where the hits come from. As you can be sure there are many people that have gone through the same experiences and can relate to it.

Alania on the cover of KA Magazine August 2014

What is your inspiration?
My inspiration would be a legendary artist such as Diana Ross and Whitney Houston, my biggest idol Beyonce. I believe that all these are all successful women in music who not only used their voices to be successful but also had other aspects that made them legends. They have inspired millions of women all over the world to be strong and independent.

What collaborations can we be looking to see from you?
There are a lot of collaborations I have up my sleeve, Ex mile, AKidWit, No Tahg, Navy Seal, Mr B, Blazey Boi just to mention a few, I would like to surprise my fans keep them on their toes. Album is out and is on sale…get your copy.

How do you spend your day resting from your busy schedule?
I hardly have a day off, I love my music and what I do. If I could literally spend my day and night in studio I would. That’s the life I live and wouldn’t change it for anything, I want to perform I was born to perform.