All Things Misred

Harare, Zimbabwe – Misred, born Samantha Mussa, has launched a new website a site aimed at being a one-stop-shop for all things Misred. The new website combines an archive of Misred’s press cuttings and her opinionated articles about the world as she experiences it. The website will be of tremendous value to all of Misred’s stakeholders, from the brands she represents to all her avid followers. Journalists and other personalities in the media industry will also find the website useful.

“Misred’s website is a good example of branding done right. It showcases all her talents. The textual content is riveting. The vlogs that she has done exemplify that she deserves to be on television. Everything I wanted to know about Misred was readily available on the site,” said an avid Misred listener.

The website is exquisite in its simplicity. It’s user friendly even on the mobile version. This makes it accessible to everyone. Visitors may interact with Misred via the site or the social network links provided. Misred’s upcoming events are also noted on the website.

Misred is co-host of ‘The Ignition’ on ZiFM Stereo with Teekay Mondays to Fridays (6-10 am.) Misred also hosts ZBC’s ‘Coke on the Beat’ on Saturday evenings.

Visit website: