Clive Chigubu

Clive Shines In Malawi

Blantyre got a rare treat of a laughter-filled weekend courtesy of Zambian and Zimbabwean comedians who are in the country for the Easter Theatre Festival (ETF).

Organized by Solomonic Peacock, drama, theatre, dance, and poetry topped the list on the menu for the four-day festival. The festival started at Lilongwe Town Hall on Good Friday afternoon where Malawi’s Rising Choreos shared the stage with Zimbabwean comedian Clive Chigubu and Zambians Bikiloni ndi Difikoti. As a stand-up comic, Chigubu’s stage presence left the audience marveling at his talent.

The NAMA award-winning comedian Clive Chigubu who has been in the industry since 2010 has been hard at work putting smiles on the faces of the audiences that have attended his shows. Has been delivering more than just laughs. He describes himself with these words “I am a theater actor/standup comedian interested in working on comic projects or anything that gives me the challenge to portray.” The Bulawayo-based actor lived up to his promise of giving fans a laughter-filled performance with his routine franchise; The Clive Show. The first time in Malawi, Clive made it a point to tell his stories in a way that fans related to it apart from the core business of entertainment.

Difikoti and Bikikoni used their Chichewa language as their main delivery all their jokes were told in Chinyanja which is similar to Chichewa save for a few words that were put across in Bemba. They involved the audience and stopped at nothing as they took some unawares by poking fun at those walking out of the hall or coughing. Saturday was a fun-filled day for Blantyre drama enthusiasts as the first performances in the Easter Theatre Festival in the city were held. However, it was Zimbabwe’s Icon Theatre who mesmerized the most with their musical theatre which combined music and the spiritual mbira dance. After Icons, Nanzikambe came with Sizwe Bansi is Dead, featuring Thlupego Chisiza and Misheck Mzumara.