CliX Clothing Company

CliX Clothing Company

High street fashion, urban and trendy CliX Clothing Company (C3) is a brand that embraces stylish, quality and authentic African fashion

The Zimbabwean fashion brand from Bulawayo founded by Cleedon Lotriet and Gloria Lotriet in 2000, CliX has grown to become a fashion house that delivers amazing and creative streetwear. Kwantuthu Arts Magazine managed to catch up with Cleedon one of the head designers behind the street and funky clothing company.

What is behind the name of your clothing brand? : CLIX – stands for Christian Life Is Xcellent, as you can see our spelling shows our difference and style. The brand CLIX believes in making excellence a lifestyle our which we also integrate into our motto “making excellence a lifestyle”. CliX Clothing Company is a Christian clothing company a brand for Christians by Christians.

How would you define the clothes you make? :

Our type of fashion is High Street fashion, Urban, I can say the brand is epic, we make clothes that cater to street, office and after-hours type of fashion, we cater to the modern man and woman.

Where does your inspiration come from?:

As a fashion house that is based on Christian values, Clix is a God-inspired clothing brand the brand takes inspiration from all God’s creations we see in nature, matter, and everything.

What are the latest and upcoming designs the public should be looking forward to? :

Well, the public can look forward to our forthcoming suit collection which we might just showcase at the clothing indaba that is coming up sometime this year in September an explosive and eye-catching.

Kwantuthu Arts also found out that C3 is also working on a denim 2014/2015 collection, teaming up with Bulawayo fashion brand Unknown Source. Visit the fashion brand’s shop in Bulawayo at Had- don and Sly, 1st-floor shop 5A and get a taste of the brand.