Determine Your Standards

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Determine Your Standards

The barometer of success has always been the epicentre of an individual’s hopes and dreams often, in honesty, a hybrid of the broadly excepted sign posts of our current popular subculture and relevant to your locality, cur-
rent expectations and current social groups. Success today is a refined ideal machined by the doubts and fears laid upon the foundation of past failures and the expectation of future disappointment.

Building dreams and cultivating a vision is an activity that requires skill and an adept analytical insight into the com- plexity of an individual’s ‘make up’ and the constituents of their reality. Yet in all this wise and noble endeavour one element and attribute is often over- looked as aspirations are given life

Standard is described as a practice that is normal, usual, ordinary regular, cus- tomary. Not the sort of acclaim anyone would want to attach to their momen- tous and ground shattering vision albeit their day to day activities. Yet herein lies the key to achieving great visions. After realising that you are in pursuit of your vision and therefore currently lie in second place you will as I indicated in my first article that you are simply not good enough….YET. Once you have achieved your vision then you can say that you are good enough, until you set new goals. Often the speed at which a vision is accomplished and the quality of the final product comes down to Standards!!! The simple, routine, ordinary and monotonous activities that maintain the output and the aesthetic of your brand/identity. Knowing the simple, doing the simple and improving the simple is an act of dedication few have the resolve for. Yet it is within this labyrinth of simplicity that the greatest visions are given a fighting chance to emerge and introduce themselves to reality.

A colleague of mine, CEO of Megafest Holdings Dr. T. P. Matsika always reminds me in passing to “keep doing what you’re doing”. This is because if you are doing the right things at the right time then consistency of those actions, no matter how simplistic or grand they may be, they become repetitive…they become, A STANDARD.

It is far more than a catchy song or a major business deal that gives rise to great individuals but rather it is the persistent dedication to a pattern of routine acts that:

  1. Can be easily repeated without much additional help
  2. Have a positive and progressive impact on the activity (vision) and the individual
  3. Can be identified and communicated to others
  4. Come naturally to the vision bearer and often not to others

Every brand is built on standards from the front door to the final product. The value chain is often unbroken and therefore consistency is opportune. As you strive for your vision have you set standard that you will live by? If you have then it means that you will not fall for anything and you will be drawn to the things that edify your dream. Stan- dards will give you the additional ‘back- bone’ in the face of adversity that will culminate in a resolve to stick to the ORIGINAL PLAN – go big or go home!

Everything, absolutely everything good and bad is brought into tomorrow by standards. It is these standards that align expectations and move a body forward. Please note that standards are NOT the clean marble floors in
that 5 star hotel or the gold taps in the penthouse suite. Standards are not the $5,000 jacket and the $6,100 pair of shoes that you vowed to buy once you ‘arrive’. Standards begin in the morning from:

The hour you decide to rise from your slumber
The respect given to people in your greetings and interactions with them
Your appearance every time you leave the house (please stop embarrassing yourself by going to the shops in your pyjamas – LOOK DECENT)
Your quality of conversation
Read progressive literature to maintain a progressive mindset
Stay NEAT and stay TIDY (clean your room, flat/house, car). Cleanliness is a great
Your friendships – if they are not pushing/pulling you up then they are wasting you time
Your diet – respect your body and it will treat you well

Remember, having high standards is a choice… so is mediocrity! #YouACEdit
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