SHADE O’GREY is an independently-owned urban street wear brand inspired in the graphic and visual ideology of the world of fashion, music, design and avant- garde, with a modern and ground-breaking approach.

SHADEO’GREY, apparel, and accessories are created to be comfortable, trendy and stylish, traits demanded by our customers. The company’s unflagging commitment to tracking the latest trends is putting it in an excellent position to become one of Africa’s leading urban street wear brands

SHADEO’GREY brand was founded by Bez Ndlovu on September 2013 but was offcially registered as a company in 2014. The company initially kicked of by first launching its offcial online store, but currently the merchandise is not only available online, but also at selected retail stores.

“We aim to produce authentic, comfortable and premium streetwear that appeals to trend-loving and boundary-pushing young Africans”. The objective is not only to produce attractive fashion but to build SHADEO’GREY as a lifestyle brand that competes directly with global brands.

SHADEO’GREY clothing line is currently made up of t-shirts and in 2015 we looking to introduce tank tops, crop tops, hoodies, crew-neck sweatshirts, sweat pants, etc.