Gabz Fire

Gabz Fire Regge Fire Burning

Gabz Fire is a Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Performing Artist, Song Writer and Radio DJ who has been in the music industry for close to 30 years. Kwantuthu Arts caught up with the multitalented Gabz for an interview.

From singing at age 7 in a winning school choir at an inter-schools choir competition to being an opening act for South African outfit TKZ in Zimbabwe. From playing keyboards for Urban Guerrilla to self-producing a National Arts Merit Award (N.A.M.A.) 2014 nominated album “Let Jah Arise”, the fire has been burning for over 25 years and is still burning with reggae musician Gabz Fire.

How did your musical journey begin?
Well from 1986 I began my professional musical career as a “SingJ”. SingJ is a singer DJ I would liken it to what the ZiFM Judgment yard guys do. As a SingJ I was a member of P.C.C. (Progress Cultural Center) we performed alongside Dub Rockers, Dub Invaders, Nyabinji Dancers mostly every Saturday at local halls and community centers. We performed mainly to entertain and showcase our talents.

How many bands have you worked with over the years?
I have worked with several bands over the years I worked with Papa Victor known as Musturuka who played bass for our band which opened up for Ebony Shake, Mukadota in Bulawayo’s premier event location Garden cash. I was in Urban Guerrilla where I learned to play keyboards, all in all, I think about 4 bands before I went solo.

When was your first studio album?
In 1992, we worked with Rob Austin who first set up a studio we now know as Moonlight Studios. On my first studio album, which had 9 songs and I wrote three songs on that album. The ban that I worked with comprised of Stan Phiri drummer at ZigZag band, Stan I Nyoni on the bass, kuran and me on keyboards just to mention a few. The album was not released sadly as the band broke up and I stayed away from bands for a while.

What was your major big break?
I wrote a song entitled “My Little Town” when I stayed in Gweru for some time and would travel to Harare often. I met up with one of ZBC’s producers in Harare who heard the song and offered to work on a video for my song. Also, remember in the 1990’s being on radio or TV was hard, expensive and huge when you got the opportunity. ‘My little Town’ video was done and played on the national TV station which was huge for my career.

What is your latest Studio Project?
I have two albums I am working on now which are entitled “Reggae Music goes on” and “Strictly for the Lovers”. The Reggae Music goes on” album shares conscience messages, teachings of uprightness cover social issues we deal with every day and I think “Strictly for the Lovers” is self- explanatory a celebration of love. Albums will be out later this year.