How to keep your creative flow

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How to keep your creative flow

Simple ways to keep your creativity high and the work ow on track and your work at its best all the time.

Forget Making a List
Lists often come from the organized, analytical left side of your brain, and to solve an intractable problem, you want to engage the right, the creative side. Make a mind map instead. Get a big piece of paper and start in the center with a circle that contains the original problem.

Hire a Coach or Mentor
A lot of people do not think this is wise but insight into what you are doing is always good from someone who is objective and knows the industry you are in.

Write Notes
Having a booklet to jot down ideas and reminders is good way of keeping track t what you are doing and interested in. Ideas are precious and fragile and tend to show up when we’re in the shower, in bed, or stuck in tra c. So we forget them.

Be Curios
Focus on what you love, but don’t limit yourself to only things that you love. Download podcasts on a topic that has nothing to do with your current life, go to lectures by people at the top of their eld—even if you’ve never heard of their eld, get books on tape, and follow websites that gather interesting information. This gives one an insight on what one is doing and how one can borrow ideas from everywhere and come up with something that works for them.

Keep Plugged in
The world is changing at such a rapid rate so someone who know what is new and trendy can help you have a better picture. A reverse mentor—someone younger and more plugged in—can get you up to speed on new trends, pop culture, starting a social network account, or more substantial things.