Jeys Marabini

Jeys Marabini Returns To The Chibuku Stage

After a two year absence from Intwasa Jeys Marabini returns to the Chibuku Stage – the festival’s biggest open-air performance space a different man.

Older and with a brand new album that has been getting rave reviews from his multitude of fans locally and abroad. His new album Jeys @ 40 sets him apart from a lot of local musicians. With his new album that sees him embracing different cultures, Jeys simply epitomizes the blooming theme of the festival. At 40 he comes back to the festival more re ned and ready to dish out the best. At 40 you would have expected him to be going through a midlife crisis, confused and afraid that his life was halfway spent. At 40 most men would try leaving their wives starting again somewhere, others would be leaving jobs to try new things. But not with Majahawoda ‘JeysMarabini’ Ndlovu. At forty he has nothing but praises and love for his wife and partner, Fatima, going to the extent of composing and dedicating a couple of songs from his latest album to her. At forty Jeys Marabini has no intention of changing his career. He is a musician and his calling is music. At forty Jeys Marabini has but seen it all; he has traveled to Europe and back, won several national awards for his work and shared the stage with some of the best in the business.

Aptly described as “one of Zimbabwe’s biggest discovery in the Afrocentric /world music genre.” musical bu et served with style and a maturity that only comes with years of experience. It is a musical dish that many of us will savor for many years to come.

One thing for sure is that at forty Jeys Marabini has matured and is now willing to embrace a variety of cultures. His latest album sees the gifted musician singing in four different languages- English, Ndebele, Shona, and Swahili – evidence that he has embraced the idea of cultural diversity and is now willing to dialogue with other cultures musically. Obviously there is
a desire in this new album to open up to anyone who can connect with his music. The album is an open invitation to a wide range of cultures to embrace the music of JeysMarabini.

Jeys@40 is a work of art celebrating Jeys’ musical prowess and achievement.