Kompozitioner Innovator, Entrepreneur and Creative

Kompozitioner has come a long way from using Fruity Loops 3, 10 years ago to co-running a multimedia / Clothing company The Grapevine.

Since relocating to Australia Komp has worked with the likes of Maraza (South Africa), Egasm (Australia) , Vico (USA/Canada), Akili (South Africa), Mac (Bheka thina Jo, Zimbabwe), John Paoletto (Italy/Japan/Australia), ESP Ltd (Singapore), etc. Kompozitioner has also worked on radio as a producer/audio engineer for Zambezi Fm (Zambia) Hot-Box. In mid-2014 when he came back home (Zimbabwe) Komp put together a team of music producer’s Big Mike, Nzabie Beats and AKidWit No Tahg who co-produced Means War on Xtatic’s new mixtape (Let me Xplaine).

Kompozitioner in the studio
Kompozitioner in the studio

Lwazi Mpoko a.k.a Kompozitioner was born in Zimbabwe, His relationship with HipHop grew as the years mounted listening to MCs like Method Man (from the Wu-tang clan), Notorious B.I.G a.k.a Biggie Smalls. His family was forced to move to Bulawayo, the second-largest city in Zimbabwe. This move changed a lot in his life hence gave him a wide spectrum of music that influenced him in terms of different rhythms, instruments, and arrangements of songs.

At the age of 16, he generated enough capital to acquire basic Pentium four PC which accidentally had FruityLoop 3 installed. As an inquisitive young man, he started playing around with FL 3 experimenting techniques on how to make HipHop beats. The best tutorial he ever got was probably the cover version of Try Again by Aliyah and Timbaland made by Doo-D Rox in FL 3.

One of his close friends, Killamutha, happened to have the same interest and pas- sions in making HipHop beats. Together they closely worked to produce a unique sound which is influenced by international HipHop and local Jazz music. At that time The Kompozitioner could feel that there was something lacking in all his beats, the bass lines were not solid enough. With the help of his brother-in-law, Dr. Balisi Bakanisi, who is a bass-guitarist, Komp mastered the art of shaping his bass. With that skill started the journey of storytelling through music.

At the age of 19, Kompo attended the University of Science and Technology (NUST) where he majored in Bachelos of Honours Degree in Banking. Unlike most students brainstorming in the library, he spends his spare time in his bedroom programming kicks and snares. At that point in time in his life, he was still beat making for his high-school classmate, MC Chains who introduced him to a circle of MCs namely Radical, KD and Spinx. As time progressed, Spinx and Kompo’s relationship strengthened as they both had the same vision of sound they wanted to produce.

Kompozitioner on the cover of the June 2015 KA Magazine
Kompozitioner on the cover of the June 2015 KA Magazine

Where do you get your inspiration to produce music from?
I try to listen to a wide range of music old and new, sometimes I limit my search to a certain period in time and region say 1960 music in Africa. I love the process of creation, that intense research and understanding before mixing all the different sounds or styles to make up something new.

What do you think the future of local music is with the emergence of new radio stations?
It’s only going to get better, I hope all the new radio stations try to connect with the streets and break dope artists into the market. And please please, please!!! payout royalties.

As a music producer has the Zimbabwean music industry grown ever since you began music production?
In general, the industry has grown with more artists, Recording studios, Live gigs, and local content begin playlisted on radio and TV. Quality control, on the other hand, is poor, we have bad sounding records on radio and terrible music video making it on TV and winning awards with that junk. But with that being said Zimbabwe has some individuals that are doing amazing works of art in music, I am sure they will soon bubble to the top and set the benchmark for the game.

As an innovator that developed the Da Grape Vine Brand what was the inspiration to developing the brand?
We wanted to live our dreams, Connecting Zimbabwean Hip-hop to the world and live off the connection hence the name Grapevine.

What are the basic keys to success in the music industry?
Never stop learning and Grind for days (#GrindingForDayz)

Who would you want to produce for in Africa and worldwide?
I would like to produce an album with the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra featuring a huge list of African rappers from every country in Africa and worldwide it would have to be Jay Z.

What tips would you give aspiring music producers?
Build relationships with people in the business and work at your craft because the skills you obtain will determine how long you stay in the game, (Oh and FL Studio is the best haha)

What are your last words?
Know yourself and stay true to that person.