Maestro The IV

Maestro The IV puts Lovemore Majaivana on 808’s

Maestro The IV a Zimbabwean rapper from the city of Kings and Queens, Bulawayo has just dropped a video for his single “Majaivana Back”.

Maestro The IV’s single “Majaivana Back” is taken from an upcoming EP album that he is working on. Kwantuthu Arts Magazine caught up with the MC to get to know more about his upcoming EP and what was his inspiration for putting Lovemore Majaivana on 808’s.

Maestro The IV’s ‘Majaivana Back’ music video

What is the Title to your upcoming EP?
The title of my upcoming EP is “Top Jita”

What is the inspiration behind the title?
What inspired the name is the ghetto or should I say lok’shin lifestyle/culture in which I grew up in. Jita is a common term that guys use to refer to each other all day every day but there is always that one jita/guy who gets things moving, who gets the party jumping and ladies struggling to breathe, this one jita who is a cut above the rest, who other jitas look up to in terms of swagger, brag and finesse is the one I call a Top Jita, the guy, the man in charge and that’s what I’m about, that’s what this EP is about, selling and telling the ghetto story from a perspective of someone who lives it.

How would you define your style and music?
Its not all dark and gloomy emakasana, In fact, that’s where the real parties are, the freaks, the ladies, the rush, we living life out here and Top Jita is about to make people from outside these lok’shin wall take a peep and know we don’t play nor care, we just do our thang. Some may call it kasi rap, others Ndebele rap but I define it as spaza rap, a term I coined together to describe my type of flow, the wordplay in vernacular, the slang fused with the conditions that I grew up in and that inspire the bars I write. We chilled up at the barbershop or one of the many spazas in my hood, listening to a wireless radio having a drink or two labangan’ bam’, the high starts to kick in, one of them starts to beatbox and I come in with that heat, spit flows, intense wordplay in vernacular like there’s no tomorrow, that’s spaza rap right there, raw to the core.

What is the EP due date?
The E.P will be dropping in this summer holiday, a few technicalities have to be resolved then the exact date will be advised, but this summer it’s on.

What is behind the Lovemore Majaivana sample?
As far as I’m concerned Lovemore Majaivana is the greatest artist to ever walk on this land and I felt it a duty that even though we are the new school taking a different route altogether in our style of art, we should take time and appreciate a legend, one of the greats who laid a foundation for us to be motivated to do what we do right now. Majaivana’s name is a legacy that has to be carried on because his music is now part of our culture, our tradition and resonates so much in us that it’s impossible to define koBulawayo without mentioning uMajika uMajaivana. So as an upcoming artist I felt it necessary to pay tribute to the greats and proceed to the future and show the listeners that we still have it.

What other experiments can we expect from your songs?
I wouldn’t want to give much away but I can promise you Top Jita is a project you won’t be able to compare to another, it’s just creativity on steroids, skill on another level just watch this space and I hope the people love and support it, local is lekker and the project was made with the people in mind so when its out go get it.