Misred The Brand, The Personality, The Celebrity

A co-anchor of the highest-rated breakfast show in Zimbabwe, “The Ignition” on ZiFM Stereo, MisRed born Samantha Musa goes on air at 6 am for a 3-hour show.

The atmosphere in the studio is light-hearted, and banter amongst the people in the room. MisRed is known for her mesmerizing voice, high energy charismatic personality, her effervescence palpable on the radio. MisRed is a rising force in the entertainment industry is a brand ambassador for Coca-Cola, Black Opal, Harare originals, Chic Street, Make-up by Gamu to name but a few. A brand that is of the highest quality in the entertainment industry in Zimbabwe that aims to raise the standard of Zimbabwean entertainment by bringing fresh content that’s relevant.

One of the first things you notice about MisRed, is her genuine smile; the smile of a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. MisRed feels strongly that as a public figure, she has a responsibility to be as honest and real as possible. She stresses that she is not perfect and wants the public to know that there is a real woman behind the fancy dresses and makeup at events. MisRed epitomizes contemporary heroism. She continues to lead by example, demonstrating that whatever anyone may go through in life, there’s always a way to comeback.


MisRed aspires to use her talents across the continent constantly promoting African entertainment and fashion enriching plus enhancing the arts all over the continent. This enthralling celebrity has covered high profile, star-studded events such as MTV African Music Awards and Lake of Stars, MisRed is applauded for her charisma, high energy and theatrics that keep her audiences enthralled. Kwantuthu Arts managed to catch up to the multitalented lady who’s beauty is even more captivating both when she graces the television screen and even in person for an exclusive interview to get to know the brand, the personality and the celebrity MisRed.

What is the driving force or vision behind the MisRed Brand?
The MisRed Brand is all about embracing reality, and focusing on the present making the most of the now. No one is perfect, but we focus on finding the best bits of you and excelling from there.

What is social activities is the MisRed passionate about?
The MisRed brand has many social activities that it is passionate about my brand is passionate about several item but mainly I can say Zimbabwe, youth development and media. These are the main areas that are I focus on with all my social activities in a nutshell. I am currently running an open talk platform for teenage girls between the ages of 16 -19 who are in Harare called the “The Picnic”. It is an all-girl discussion forum to talk about all issues that affect the young Zimbabwean girl.

Misred on the July 2015 cover go KA Magazine
Misred on the July 2015 cover go KA Magazine

To shed more light of who MisRed is what is her favorite food, who is her favorite local music star, what are her favorite movies?
Well when it comes to my favorite local music star I would have to say Mokoomba and as for food my favorite food is oxtail and peanut butter rice and when I am feeling lanny I like “Pa Thai” a Taiwanese dish.

MisRed is a growing African celebrity who is her African icon and international icon what qualities of her icons inspire her?
I love Toolz from Nigeria, She’s a thick Madame like me and she oozes confidence to the nines, also does television and, so I see myself in her. Internationally I am loving Wendy Williams right now…she knows what she wants and is not scared to make it happen.

What can people expect from MisRed in the near future?
I don’t talk much of the future because I believe I’m more action than talk…so I love surprising people watch this space.

Does MisRed have a better half or boyfriend?
Yes, I do have a very special someone in my life. To keep in touch and know more about Misred visit her website a site aimed at being a one-stop-shop for all things Misred. The website is exquisite in its simplicity. It’s user friendly even on the mobile version. This makes it accessible to everyone. Visitors may interact with Misred via the site or the social network links provided. Misred’s upcoming events are also noted on the website.