MMT Zvidhori Video Out

MMT has taken the Zimbabwean music industry by storm with their unique and popular brand of Hip Hop music. Formed early in 2013 as a result of a couple of collaborations on stage, Mariachi, MC Cut and Tatea da MC decided to use the first initial of each of their names to form the now iconic acronym that is MMT.

The group has now released an amazing video for their single ‘Zvidhori’ where they called in the prolific director Andy Cutta. The Zvidhori video is a game-changer and it puts Zimbabwean Hip-Hop on the African stage. With perfect shots, amazing color grading and a hit song viewers of the video will be amazed at local Zimbabwean production

MMT Now with 5th consecutive No.1 singles within a calendar year (a historic achievement by any artist in any genre from Zimbabwe), MMT are set for more greatness in 2014. They have entered 2014 with more verve and vigor than they started the previous year; two new videos soon to be released, another No. 1 single on the charts #KooVha, and an endorsement deal with a local craft beer.

Kwantuthu Arts Magazine is proud to give Zimbabwe the link to the exclusive video for Zvidhori by MMT, enjoy.

MMT Zvidhori Directed by Andy Cutta