Vusi Blaqs

One on One with Vusi Blaqs

Where does your name Vusi Blaqs come from?
Well is a mix of my first name Vusumuzi which my parents gave me and Blaqs is a childhood nickname I picked up in my neighborhood. I used to be a big fan of anything black and also I am a dark guy and I got the nickname Mr. Blacks and took out the Mr. part and left the Blacks. Which I now spell in my own way as Blaqs.

When did your interest in videos and their production start?
My interest in media started at an early age which is what lead me to video. At the age of 14, I was attracted to music and started to peruse it and overtime felt like the stage was not for me and moved to graphic design still inclined to music. As I produced CD covers and all the music-related design work and in that process, I was introduced to a video about two years after ‘A’ Level. I think about four years ago is the time I started video production as a full-time career and decided to build my brand.

What are the most interesting things about your job?
People always say that my strength is in Editing which is Post Production and I think it is because I am a bit of a loner and when I am behind the computer with my images I am most at home. I also enjoy cinematography which is working on set I love a bit of that as that how I began my career in video production. I learned about composition, movement and camera movement. I love the post-production side as that is where I create a few things that were not in the initial shot as well using my knowledge of graphics.

What video production work can you say best shows the brand Blaqs as a director?
With my history with a love of music, I believe that is music is my first love and video production is my profession and the marriage of the two make up my body of work which is largely music videos. I also cannot choose one video or job I would say I love or best shows me as I am my biggest critic so I leave it to others my fans and customers to say that about me.

Are they any projects that you are lining up?
In a few months, I will be embarking on my first film production work which I want to produce and direct myself. Works on the script are already under away and all I can say is people get ready.

For aspiring video producers, what advice can you give?
The first thing is to be open-minded about whatever you are doing meaning don’t fall into a trend that is already there or try to follow the trends that are there. Also one can subconsciously fall into a trend so when I say be open-minded I mean some people have done stuff that other people have labeled controversial but a few years down the line the stuff turns out to be the main trend. To create more of your own creative space and learn from your community, surroundings, your own thought processes. The only way to penetrate a market is to come up with a unique thing. So be true to yourself because there are no two people who are the same.

Any wise words or a quote?
We are all blacks but there is only one me.