Annie G

One on One with Annie G

Born an identical twin the founder of the all stylish, afro-centric, sheik fashion house AnnieG. Annie Gonyora has had the fashion bug bite her at a tender age as the fashion designer would change and redesign her cloths.

This was due to the way people would not be able to see the difference between Annie and her identical twin. AnnieG recalls that her mother on seeing the budding seamstress assisted her with the basics of fashion and design as she herself was a talented seamstress.

Kwantuthu managed to interview AnnieG and nd out more about the fashion label AnnieG and what inspires her and where it all began.

What was your first design?
My first design was an apron that I designed when I was in primary school. It was for a school project that I was doing at the time; I loved it and enjoyed the work process.

How did you enter the Fashion business?
At the age of 15 when I was in school my dad had a once next to Brian Takundwa. Brian asked my dad if I could do some designs for the first Miss Rural Zimbabwe. As I was in school I could not travel to showcase my designs as the event was happening during the school term. My father accepted and got my aunt to stand in for me as the designer in Harare. When my aunt got my designed clothes she called me and asked if I had made the cloths or I had bought them coz of the quality of work she saw and I said yes she was impressed and everyone who saw the designs was impressed.

What is the inspiration behind the fashion house?
The inspiration came at the time I was pregnant with my daughter. I was working as an accountant in South Africa and had such a fashion sense that even made my boss request me to tone down the colors as he once commented and said that when we met clients it looked like I was his PA, not an accountant. At that time I was not happy with my work and also with my pregnancy I decided to build a legacy for my daughter which was AnnieG.

What is behind the logo of your fashion label?
I was developing a brand that would stand out and be Blissful. I worked with various designers and then worked with my good friend Mpilo who assisted the creative and design process. We came up with the current logo that I have now, the black color stands for the situation I was in being a single mum. Also, the black color stands for the unknown fashion business world, the white stands for the light at the end of the tunnel, prosperity. Lastly, the red color stands for the legacy I want to leave to my child, the blood connection. The G stands for the faith in God that I have and that he is behind all

When did you go full time in the fashion business?
I started in 2011 full time when i worked on the Miss Environment at the time

What projects are you currently working on?
I am working with a couple of designers on a designer boutique shop called Smitth and Shaynne. A local designer fashion shop that will put shoes, bags, jewelry and all the fashion products under one roof due to be set up this year. The AnnieG label also is expanding to interior design and opening that side of the business currently we have worked on curtains for the Standard Hotel. I am also working with Lady Tshawe on a concept called ‘Poetry Meets Fashion’ where for the first time I work with someone on designs that are inspired by poetry written by Lady Tshawe. I am also going to be working with my daughter on a kiddie’s range of clothes that would be fun, colorful and nice.

How do you relax when you not too busy?
I love listening to music even when I work, I like hip-hop and dance hall. Artists such as Kendric Lamar, Common, Talib Kweli, Busy Signal the list is very long.