Eileen M Jewellery

One on One with Eileen M jewelry

Who is Eileen Madzime in brief?
I grew up in Zimbabwe, I’m the middle child in a family of 3 children. I attended 4 primary schools and one high school Midlands Christian College. I was educated in Zim up to my A levels then I went and I did a degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacture.

Eileen Madzime

What inspired Eileen M Jewelry?
My passion for aesthetics and quality.

Are you a professional jeweler and what made you chose that career?
Yes, I am. Metalsmithing is not something a lot of native Zimbabweans pursue. Our country is endowed with unbelievable natural resources that due to lack of resources and knowledge haven’t always been properly utilized. I wanted to go against the grain and do something that whilst it sates my creative and inquisitive nature would also put me in a position to make a difference.

What inspired the three ranges in your collection?
The three ranges cater to different occasions and tastes. Bespoke Jewellery is typically specially created for individuals, it takes form in pieces that are truly Eileen M style. These pieces take days and weeks to manufacture, they usually end up big in terms of Jewellery and they take up a lot of metal thus they are highly-priced and as such, they are frequently reserved for special occasions by the people who buy them. Everyday jewelry are the piece that customarily contains nuances of the bespoke pieces.

They are comfortable for everyday wear and they are usually light in terms of metal weight so they are not as expensive
as the bespoke pieces. Then costume jewelry is basically quality fashion Jewellery, it comes at a more affordable price than the other ranges.

Be spoke is an interesting concept, what inspired the name and the collection?
Bespoke basically means custom-made. At Eileen M Jewelry we specialize in Jewellery pieces designed and made perfectly for the unique individual. I am a strong believer in individual style and expression; jewelry like clothing or hair is another way of expressing self. An Eileen M bespoke piece is essentially one that is made to resonate with the wearer

Do you have any retail shops and where can people order your jewelry?
We are based online, people can order Jewellery off our website or on social media. Zedlabel (Zim online shop) is currently stocking pieces off our everyday range. We also stock a couple of retail outlets across the country.

Any advice to aspiring jewelry designers?
Quality and innovation are the foundation of a successful brand.