King Krude

One on One with King Krude

MC Tytoh has just shoot an amazing video for his single next in line, working with a multitalented Music Producer and Video Director King Krude.

The multitalented King Krude a hit making music producer has out done the current trend and shoot a video for MC Tytoh which has got all music lovers in the country talking of the new standard that he has set for Zimbabwe and Bulawayo artists. King Krude who is also part of the international Nafunasages. We spoke to Enqoe the founder of Nafuna TV to nd out more of what Nafuna sages is and this is what he had to say “NafunaSages are elitist artists on all multimedia fronts. It’s a thing we do where we acknowledge people in our ecosystem.”

MC Tytoh’s music video ‘Next in lane’ directed by King Krude

We paid a visit to this creative master at his musical studio just to get him to shed some light on his work. We asked King krude what MC Tytoh had in store for 2014 he said the single Next in line was taken from the album “Micgnicent” which is dropping any time this month. King Krude said the album was going to get all hip-hop lovers on their feet and nodding their heads.

We had to ask king Krude what it took to work with him and develop amazing videos and he had this to say. We have to sit down and work on the scrip, get the idea down assemble all the resources that it would need to bring the concept alive. The most important thing is the budget and keeping to the schedule that we would have set up and the budget is the limit not any of our abilities.

Before we left the busy maestro we had to find out what we and the public had to look out for and he said “ we have alot of projects that are about to drop but all I can say is look out for Prozac and Orthodox we are working on some dope stuff.”We thanked King Krude for his time and cannot wait for him to drop some more good music and lovely creative and innovative videos.