Langa Ndlovu

One on One with Langa

The multitalented lady from Bulawayo who is a Musician, MC, TV Presenter and Model has been setting the music scene ablaze with her blend of music he calls “House Fusion”. Kwantuthu Arts magazine got a chance to sit and talk to the lady we all know as Langa.

How would you describe your love of music and when did you start your professional career?
“It’s the music that moves me..” that means music is the soul of the earth it keeps people together and happy, we relate to it. Music is a great thing; I love all types of genres and appreciate all the skill, talent and hard work that put into each production. I started my professional musical career when in 2012 when I started working with Alexio Kawara as a backup vocalist and have grown since then. I would also say I have been working in the studio ever since I was 15 at Mic-A-Blace Studios with a group called N.B.H.(Natural Born Hustlers) a hip-hop group.

What type of music can people expect from your upcoming album?
Right now I am gravitating towards a Jazz fusion I am calling it “house fusion”, a house jazz mix because now I am developing music that is cultured and original, hence I am working with a band called Acoustic Flair.

When are you planning to release your album?
I am in the studio now and people can expect my album soon.

Any collaborations and if yes with who and why have you chosen them?
I would say people should see collaborations with artists such as Jembe Monks, ExMile, Taurai Mandevu, Skyver and many more. People should also expect cross-genre collaborations like Ragga, House a blend of talent, styles… so just wait and see.

Who is Langa?
Langa is a typical girl, some people call me a jack of all trades, a young lady who loves to have fun, loves to love and loves to make a difference. The brand Langa is a cultured brand, original to Bulawayo, original to me in the upcoming album something for everyone. I also want to inspire people out there young and old make a difference in their lives and prove that no matter whatever background or situation you can be whatever you what to be, as long as you put your head to it. As a grow- ing brand I believe that to get your first steps correct and associate with the right people and not the ones who want to exploit or use you is important.

How do you relax when you not working?
I am really a stay at home kind of a girl with my family, visit relatives and when the money to splurge is there I like events fashion shows, concerts and events like that. Mostly I am a chill at home type of a person a sweet cup of coffee and a slice of cake, I like cheesecake and a movie and I am good I am a simple person.