Litso Fashion

One on One with Litso Fashion

As we approached the end of the year 2015 we had the privilege of sitting down with one of Zimbabwe’s most celebrated designers, Annie Maliki popularly known in the fashion industry as Litso Fashion. After exchanging pleasantries we did not waste much time, we dived right into the questions:

KA: How did you come up with the theme ‘Jane the Ghost?’
chuckles I watched the short film ‘Jane the Ghost’ and from there I imagined what Jane would be wearing as she lured men. I then sketched and came up with a collection.

KA: How was the reception from the people?
People had mixed reactions. Most people questioned why I chose that as a theme as they thought it was too dark whist others found it intriguing.

KA: How has been the fashion industry in 2015 compared to 2014?
2015 has been a year of growth. Many designers are trying to monetize their produce. Also in 2015, there has been an intro of newbies who are making waves even on national level hey.

KA: What can we expect from Litso Fashion in 2016?
In 2016 we are looking to explore accessories further, also some more fashion shows and Arts exhibitions.

KA: What do you think is the missing link for the fashion industry in Bulawayo to blow up?
I think its capital! A lot of designers end up as tailors just to make ends meet.

KA: Who is your fashion icon?
Easy! That would be Balmain.

KA: What advice would you give to an upcoming designer?
: Work hard, Join every design competition and try your luck, but most importantly be you! That’s the essence of fashion.

KA: Your 2015 Fashion Highlight?
That will have to be Jane the Ghost chuckles It was the first time I produced a fashion show independently and showcased on my own. I was excited and thrilled at its success. Still am actually

KA: Well congratulations Annie. We really enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed this interview with you. We can only wish you BIG things in 2016!
Thank you guys for giving us such platforms, hope to work with you again next year.

Angelbert Mwamambo