One on One with Mzoe7

Songwriter, performing artist and MC Mzoe7 aka Mr. Gagagugu has been tearing up the stage in 2015 and releasing some amazing singles throughout the year.

With singles such as ‘Dola Bag’, ‘Sell Free-Cell Free’ and ‘I cry too’ a song nominated in the 2015 Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) category of Best Song. The social commentator who uses music as his form of expression on issues that people and the community face. Kwantuthu Arts Magazine caught up with the ever-entertaining Mr. Gagagugu for an interview on who is Mzoe7.

What does your name mean?
Gagagugu…are the sounds that are made by babies when they are about to start learning to talk. Some people call them the gagagugu…people are not able to understand what the baby is saying and what language the baby is using. Simply saying it is unpredictable, Gagagugu is me Unpredictable a child who is learning.

What have been your highlights of 2015?
Wow…every day and every time I am on stage it always beautiful for me but I would like to mention the ZIMA nomination for “I Cry Too” that is amazing the recognition is humbling. Let me see events hmmm I can mention Intwasa Arts Festival KoBulawayo 2015 was amazing for me I got to perform for the whole of Bulawayo different age groups local and international visitors that was spectacular and a great experience. The Black Motion show also was nice sharing the stage with those guys was something great.

What is the name of your upcoming album?
Lol…. I have a problem with that the team and I have not agreed on a title for the upcoming album and we have spoken about it a number of times. All I can say for now is I know that Gagagugu will be part of the title of the upcoming album.

When can we expect your album launch?
After my birthday March 7 people should expect the launch of my album, so for now, people can expect more singles and EP coming out before the album.