Njabulo Moyo

One on One with Njabulo Moyo

Njabulo Moyo Author, Poet, Motivational Speaker, Leadership Facilitator and Life Skills Coach.

Who is Njabulo Moyo?
Njabulo Moyo is a stylish modern motivational writer who in various circles has been accorded prominence and credit. He gained prominence for his self-published work in 2012 entitled African Sketches.

From such a publication his work has managed to attract the attention of Lion Heart publishers in Britain, who have published the second edition of the above mentioned second anthology. The author penned another motivational poetry anthology in 2013 entitled “Sketches from my soul”. He has also contributed to the groundbreaking 15 author book entitled Success Within Reach which features authors from Nigeria, UK, USA, and Zimbabwe. He has presented to organizations such as Junior Chambers International, Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, Rotary International, National University of Science and Technology, American Corner and Junior Council Bulawayo seeking his motivational voice in their respective platforms. Moyo`s speech and literature have seen him travel to Sweden, Denmark, Lebanon, South Africa and Botswana amongst others.

Far reaching in his career as a motivational speaker, Njabulo Moyo has been accorded a platform to speak with Chartered Accountants in Southern Africa and inspire them during their strategic workshops. He has also facilitated processes at SADC level and is set to make a high level presenta- tion at TedTalks in London 2016. From such a growing career Njabulo Moyo, is set to officially launch his latest book Moti- vating the inner soul this November. The book is set to motivate readers towards self-accomplishment.

Nominated as part of the most influential people in the city of Bulawayo Urban Culture 2015
Published and launched African Sketches – A motivational poetry anthology (2012)
Published and launched Sketches From My Soul – A motivational poetry anthology (2013)
Published Success Within Reach
Published Motivating The Inner Soul – A transformational prose book (2015)
Performed at the Intwasa Short Story Competition (2006)
Been featured in The Edgars Club Magazine .Jewel Magazine, Eduzine Magazine (United Kingdom),The Politikan (Denmark)
Featured as a performing poet in the Listen to Youth DVD project