One on One With TKP

Sandisiwe Dube aka TKP is a versatile full-time singer, songwriter, radio personality, voice-over artist, creative producer, actress, and model. She is a performing artist signed and published by Afro Platinum Media (South Africa).

TKP has released an EP titled The First Lady of Zim House with a breakaway single titled Phumilanga doing well on National Broadcaster ZIFM helping her perform with renowned Kalawa Jazmee tribal house duo Black Motion (South Africa) and recently partnering with one of Zimbabwe’s biggest chain retail outlets Broadway Spar for their first-anniversary celebration. As a brand ambassador for international health giants PSI Zimbabwe, TKP has used her voice to not only captivate audiences with her energetic performances but has used her many talents to reach out to the masses to spread health awareness. Her quality of work has been accredited by Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) as she has landed a nomination for her celebratory track “Mhururu” bound to be the biggest song of 2015.

What does the abbreviation T.K.P. stand for?
The abbreviation stands for ‘The Khasi Princess’.

What is your inspiration behind the name?
When I first started music I was going with my real name and as I was growing and doing my thing. I realized that I was inspiring a lot of people although I had not done much. People would say to me that you are our DJ Zinhle, our this and that…you from ekhasi, you represent- ing us out there. So with that in mind, I realized that I represented people who wanted to make it big life despite their background. As for the princess part, I would say from all I heard I discovered I was their little princess and I embraced the name.

What is your creative process?
Um..I am inspired by a lot of things..I do a lot of freestyles and the studio is my happy place. If I had to choose a happy place in the universe the studio would be that place for me. Being behind the microphone, so when I get into the studio and hear an instrumental I just go and after I have placed the idea the team and I go over the song and start developing the song after that.

How did you come up with your latest single ‘Mhururu’?
Mhururu is a very Zimbabwean song, I was celebrating my nationality and also the diversity in Zimbabwe as you know we have many languages in Zimbabwe. So the song its self is a celebratory song, I was celebrating being a young woman in Zimbabwe who has the privilege to sing and do music.

Where can people expect to see you perform soon?
Oh yeah, yeah there are quite a few things lined up but for everyone to know all the events I will be at they can just follow me on social media that would be better.