Sandra Ndebele

Sandra Ndebele The Queen of Culture

Zimbabwean Dance Queen and Songstress Sandra Ndebele an accomplished musician and entrepreneur. That has been in the Zimbabwean Music Industry for some time with seven (7) studio albums to her name, local, regional and international music tours, awards the list of achievements is remarkable.

In 2008, she founded the all-female ensemble Intombi Zomqangala. The ensemble was developed in a quest to develop an international professional outfit of dancers. Sandra Ndebele’s latest studio album “Izenzo” which comprises of 10-track album attributed the development and naming of her album as a reflection of Zimbabwean people and their identity, the way we live and do our things. The album saw Sandra Ndebele work with seasoned musicians that included artists such as Jah Prayzah, Jeys Marabini, Nashie of the Chibhorani fame and South African group Teddy Bears. Kwantuthu Arts Magazine caught up with the globetrotting musician for an interview.

What is your Song writing process?
Well I would have to say it depends, I am more of a song composer than a song writer. I usually develop and come up with tunes and melodies which I develop with my production team and then start the song writing.

Sandra Ndebele
Sandra Ndebele

How would you describe your latest album?
Wow, I worked really hard on this album ‘Izenzo’ developed what I think is a new sound with amazing people who worked on the music with me and also in the production of the album.

Can you tell us what the highlight of working on ‘Izenzo’ was?
There are a lot of things that I liked actually the whole project was amazing, we produced a new sound working with amazing producers like Thulani from Face The Music Records and Skills. The artist also featured were amazing loved working with them.

Any tours lined up this year?
We had amazing shows and tours earlier this year which had us going to countries like Russia and Zambia. For this year we are done and people can expect to know more via my website.

Sandra Ndebele on the September 2015 cover 2015
Sandra Ndebele on the September 2015 cover 2015

How do you feel being called the ‘Queen of Dance’?
I actually prefer the “Queen of Culture”, I believe that through my music I have been able to showcase more than just dance. My performances show tradition, culture, experiences and the way we live. So when I go out into the world I do not just showcase my culture, Bulawayo culture but Zimbabwean culture as a whole.

How hard is it for you to go on tour as a mother?
Well, it has not been as hard as some people might because before my children were born I was already going on tour so my schedule has just been the same. The hard thing about being on tour is that I miss my kids when I am away and what I remember is that I am working for them.

Sandra Ndebele is also the current brand ambassador for
• Suzuki Zimbabwe
• The Traffic Safety Board
For more information on shows, news updates visit her website