Sunii Makhalima

Sunii Makhalima: Producer, Singer, and Songwriter

Working on his latest studio album entitled “The Ark” Sunii Makhalima the musical genius who is a songwriter, music producer, and a performing artist is promising big. Kwantuthu Arts Magazine spoke to Sunii about his love for music his new album and his inspiration for his latest album at the “Ndipe Rudo” video shoot.

Sunii Makhalima decided to work with Andy Cutta the prolific visual director who has made the hottest videos for the who’s who of the Zimbabwean music industry. The two set out to make an epic love story dramatization based on the song title “Ndipe Rudo” which is Shona forgive me, love. The song is about two lovers who are facing challenges in their relationship as the guy is telling the woman that gives me the love we had when we first met.

What is the name of your latest album?
The name of my latest album is The Ark.

What is your inspiration?
The Ark is the new beginning of anything associated with Sanii and his music. With reference to music is simply going back to the Sanii that you fell on love with and perfecting those little thongs that needed tweaking hence, The Ark is that new beginning.

What is the inspiration for the album?
The inspiration of the album is in the above paragraph…. however, mankind was given a new beginning when God commanded Noah to created The Ark. So inspiration is rather biblical if u look at it from another perspective

How many sings have you worked on?
The songs for this particular album I’d say 20. The thing is that it’s going to be my 1st double CD so the other 10 are called The Evolution which is like the epilogue of the “Old Sanii” and The Ark is the prequel to the “New Sanii”.

When can the public expect it to be out?
It’s a rather late release but either early Oct or Late November so that’s when people should expect it out.