Talking Videos With Andy Cutta

A lot of people have been asking us who does music videos in Bulawayo so, by popular demand, we are featuring an expert known as Andy Cutta to let you in on how he operates…

It’s been noted that there’s a lack of visual representation in Bulawayo. D-G-V! then decided to look for an expert to highlight for everyone to familiarize with. So, before we put him on the hot seat we decided to, first of all, let the public know who he is and what work he has done and also how you can get hold of him if you’re looking for that very important visual presence. To all those that thought videos are not necessarily important well, we have news for you. Keep watching this space and learn more about how you can use your visual content to work for you but for now check out Bulawayo’s own Video expert, Andy Cutta…

Who is Andy Cutta?
My name is Andy Sobhuza professionally a Video & Audio Producer, affectionately known as Andy Cutta in the Video and Audio Industry. I have been involved in the eld of Video and Audio Production for many years now. I’ve since come back from South Africa with the aim of putting people of this land on the map with high-quality videos that will compete with other regional and international music videos. I mainly work with (Director of Photography) DOP and Cinematographer Trevor Ncube on some projects as he also has that unique eye and thirst for greatness in the field of Film.

Who have you worked with?
I’ve also worked with various industry professionals such as, Delani Makhalima, Sanii Makhalima, Mark Greenland just to mention a few. Shared some discussions with Enqore on what’s been going on this side. I am producing music videos & other video/audio products for local and regional artists. A few that I’ve worked with include P.O.Y, J Curtis, SKR, Mexxus and recently PoZee. I specialize in production design cutting & finishing to make sure that the visual that I see in my head is what you’ll see on your television.

What is your Aim?
To produce the freshest but mostly unique music videos Zimbabwe and Africa as ever seen. I wish to put the people of our land on the map so that the world at large sees that we are a force to reckon with and that they will also feel our presence on a global scale. By the way, I’m into the video production of any genre of music ranging from hip-hop, RnB, Kwaito, dancehall and so on. So, hit us up for that professional video touch to your audio content.