Thandi Muringa

Thandi Muringa: Queen of Skies

Thandi Muringa owner of TMMi (Thandi Muringa Management Inc.) A Communications Firm with a focus on Brand Management as well as the Franchise Holder of Miss Earth Pageant in Zimbabwe.

KA Magazine: What inspired the title ‘Queen of skies”?
I had a friend from Harare who jokingly referred to me as the Queen of Skies because every time they visited Bulawayo and spent time with me, I seemed to know a lot of people and places. As a result, those in my circle would say if you visit Bulawayo make sure to contact the “Queen”. Later when I was rebranding my blog, I thought Queen of Skies was a catchy phrase. I also love to travel and I figured Queen of Skies was a fitting name for someone who loves to be up in the air!

KA Magazine: You have won 2 beauty contests, as a child, did you dream of being a beauty queen?
I particularly don’t like being referred to as a beauty queen. I never really imagined myself entering a beauty contest or a pageant as a child. Like any other young girl, I did enjoy watching pageants and admired the women who participated but that was never a dream. I did, however, draw inspiration from former Miss South Africa Basetsane Khu- malo and admired what she was able to achieve on and off the ramp. What I did dream of though as a child was being an influential person with the ability to impact people’s lives. As such, I was a member of Interact and Junior Council in High School where the foundation of community leadership was laid down in my life. I then carried this forward in my life and continued involving myself in projects and activities that helped people’s lives. It was when I was in university that I had the thought that a beauty title could be a strong platform for advocacy and ultimately and ultimately that carved my path towards participating in Miss Zimbabwe USA. I look at pageants as a positive tool for advocacy with the beauty, glitz, and glamour as just the tip of the iceberg.

KA Magazine: We gather you are passionate about the environment, what was it like was to be Miss Earth Zimbabwe?
The title of Miss Earth had a huge impact on my life and general outlook on life. In preparation for the international competition, I spent a couple of months working on my environmental advocacy and in that particular year, the United Nations had declared the year as the international year of forests. I traveled across Matabeleland raising awareness on the importance of trees, encouraging tree planting and working with urban, peri-urban and rural communities. This culminated in me planting over 2500 trees, meeting so many wonderful Zimbabweans and learning and appreciating the value of preserving our earth. Also, I had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines which was an overall great experience.

KA Magazine: You are a radio personality, how has that experience been like?
Before we went on air I was excited about the prospects of being a radio personality and mostly motivated by the idea of gaining popularity and pushing my personal brand. However, now that we are on air, I realize that there is more to radio than just being popular. We are stewards of what we say. We have a responsibility to our fellow citizens to produce content that is not only entertaining but informative and impactful. I am now very conscious of what I say on air and off air however it’s been a fun learning experience. There is a need to always stay up to date with what’s happening in the world around me, I read much more now and I spend a lot of time doing research. There is more to radio than just talking. Overall I am loving the experience.

KA Magazine: Which show do you host on Skyz Metro FM and at what time?
I host a discussion show in the evenings between 7:30 pm and 9 pm mainly focused on Business, Politics and Current Affairs.

KA Magazine: Any career prospects you want to venture into?
I really want to expand my business and grow in Communications, Media and Public Relations. I also have an interest in politics and would love one day to consult in the areas of politics and governance.

Thandi Muringa on the cover of KA Magazine April 2017

KA Magazine: What is your advice to young women looking to grow their personal brands within the media, fashion and business areas?
Know your personal brand and the special talents you bring to the table. There is no worth in trying to replicate or copy someone else’s brand. It is also very important to have mentors and advisors especially women who have navigated the same space and learn from them how they overcame challenges and how they have achieved what they have now. Importantly nothing comes easy. Hard work always pays off. Work smart and work hard towards your set goals and have patience because nothing happens overnight and eventually you will attain your goals.

KA Magazine: What can we expect from you in 2017
I will be launching my personal website which will be a portal into all my fun activities as well as finalizing on a TV show.