Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo

The 10th Edition Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo

Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo is one of Zimbabwe’s premier arts gatherings. Starting off as a community initiative the multi-discipline arts festival has grown to become a leading international arts festival celebrating human diversity and creativity.

To date, Intwasa has hosted regional and international artists from Botswana, Swaziland, South Africa, United States of America, UK, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Belgium, Wales, and Zambia. The HEART of the festival remains community development and collaborations while its VISION is a mass celebration of human creativity.

The 10th edition of Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo shall embrace and celebrate the different cultures and forms expressions found in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world at large. With the theme: UNFORGETTABLE . It shall be a platform for different voices; a mirror of plurality and cultural democracy as embedded in the UNESCO 2005 Convention for the promotion and protection of the diversity of cultural expressions.

Being aware that cultural diversity is strengthened by the free ow of ideas, and that it is nurtured by constant exchanges and interaction between cultures, the 10th edition shall, in the words of Jacques Martial try to “have black people and white people and yellow people and brown people and green people in the same theatres, in the same exhibition halls and in the same experimental gardens. Have experts, amateurs and novices in the same venues.” celebrating their different talents and voices.