The Bulawayo Show

The Bulawayo Show

Taking animation and making it relevant, funny reflecting our society, Brucik Lungovich the brains behind the hit animation show ‘The Bulawayo Show’ that has gone viral is a Film maker of note.

Kwnatuthu Arts managed to catch up with the creative behind the amazing show. Kwantuthu Arts asked Brucik what his background is and this is what he had to say ‘ I am a medical student studying in Russia currently in Bulawayo on academic leave.’ The charismatic man who is 31 years old, in a relationship now and not yet married said he loves his work and when he is not animating he is playing Playstation watching Sci-fi movies and series shows.

What Is your Creative Process?
Trying out new things has proved very helpful in creativity, first an idea, then the plan to implement the idea. The plan involves scripts, voices choreography, 3d physic manipulation, texture, and colors. I have to see the final product in my mind even if it’s just an idea.

What is your inspiration?
I am inspired by the possibilities of animation, the fact that I create anything from nothing. I can create whatever idea I have and share it with everyone else. There is a certain feeling that comes with the ability to animate. It makes one believe in the impossible.

What would you say The Bulawayo Show has achieved what you intended it to?
First of all this, all artists want their works to be seen by an audience. The Bulawayo Show has been seen by many and the proof is on our page

Secondly, as this a comedy show so people have to laugh. People find the ‘The Bulawayo Show’ comedy hilarious.

Lastly, as this is The Bulawayo Show’, all people in Bulawayo have to identify themselves or at least part of their lives with the show. The Bulawayo feeling is there and will continue to be. So I say yes the ‘The Bulawayo Show’ achieved what I intended it to.

Any new projects we are to look out for?
Yes, we are releasing DVDs and T-shirts for The Bulawayo Show but o and online. I have done, TV adverts for a number of companies. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose their names for now. We will soon announce the dates when The Bulawayo Show will hit the local cinemas.

What would you say to those who would like to follow in your footsteps?
When going into animation, be prepared to change your lifestyle, to spend most of your life in front of the computer, to live not only in the physical world but on social sites too, to interact with other animators especially on the internet Watch many cartoons and always try to picture how you would
make one of your own.

The Bulawayo Show

Kwantuthu Arts celebrates the works of The Bulawayo Show and cannot wait for the new developments in the local film industry.