Why You Should Not Go To Bed With Make-Up

A long day at work or a late night out can leave a girl exhausted, as soon as you get home it feels like your bed is calling your name. Stop right there before you fall face-first into your pillow, be sure to remove your make up. We all have our favorite signatures shade of lipstick or eyeliner, 1/3 of women go to bed in full makeup. This can easily cause pores to become clogged and way larger than you want them to visibly be.

Makeup, dirt, and oil quickly build-up to cause blackheads and whiteheads. The goal for skin should be pores free of debris, keep them small so skin looks smooth and without roughness, visible pores can cause.

You may not realise it but every time you sleep in your you are just transferring dirt onto your pillow case.So even if you wash your face the following night you are still sleeping in all these oils and bacteria. That is useless you plan on changing yourcases every night and who has the time for that?

Makeup is supposed to help you look younger but going to sleep with it has the exact opposite effect.

Miss Praise
From Face2Face