Rejoice Paladi aka Yakayaka Billionaire

Yakayaka Billionaire

Rejoice Paladi aka Yakayaka Billionaire is a Bulawayo star born and raised in the city of kings and queen. She is part of the Townsend alumni.

Yakayaka Billionaire is in the music business both in South Africa and Zimbabwe. She has a Bcom Law Degree to boot a production company called Yakanation. Her music career started off with the support of megastar Buffalo Souljah who penned her first single and hit Baddest whine.

The queen has her likes and dislikes and that’s sneakers and perfumes and when she is not running her business or performing she paints. Her perfect King candidates are George Clooney and Idris Elba. KA magazine had a chat with Yakayaka Billionaire and this is what she had to say;

KA: You moved to the UK and lived there for 7 years, how was that experience like, leaving home and starting your life afresh in a different country?
Y.B: Living in the UK for me was the hardest ever, at the age of 18 I was working as a caregiver bathing and feeding old men and women and what made it more difficult was that I could not tell my mother of the hardships because I insisted on going against her advice motto

KA: Did living in the UK influence the music genre that you chose?
Y.B: Well not really, but I guess maybe subconsciously we pick up certain things as we get exposed to different cultures. Since my high school days, I have always loved hip hop music

KA: You have also been featured on Isidingo, Muvhango, and Generations, how was that experience like?
Y.B: It was an interesting experience. It’s somewhat surreal. I guess I haven’t stopped to process it.

KA: Would you consider being an actress and quite music at some point in your life?
I enjoy both so I wouldn’t choose one over the other

KA: Which 3 Zimbabwean artists would you want to collaborate with?
I love Zim dance hall, so pretty much anyone in that genre

KA: What inspired you to get into music?
My love for self-expression.

KA: Your new track ‘Baddest Whine’ is taking over the airwaves, what inspired the song?
I am a person that likes to push boundaries and talk about what people shy away from. So ‘Baddest Whine’ is a track that does that

KA: What made you want to collaborate with Roki?
Roki is a very Yakayaka (artistic, different, unique) individual and I loved his music since Chidzoka

KA: You also have other songs, what inspired the song “Your love”?
Music is in a way like acting, it expresses situations and lives of different people. So all my music is inspired by situations and people around me

KA: May you describe how your typical day is like
I wake up and spend an hour on bible reading, prayer.  I hit the gym (sometimes), then I go to my office and attend different meetings all day.

KA: What can we expect from Yakayaka billionaire in 3 years
You can expect more music and a lot of involvement in charity.

KA: Do you think love makes the world go round and why?
Y.B: Oh yes it does. We do what we do for others because of love, we start and end relationships because of love. We do the jobs we do because of love. Be it love of self or our fellow mankind we are driven by love.

KA: Describe Yakayaka billionaire in 5 words
Entrepreneurial, Philanthropic, Strong-willed, Opinionated, Determined

KA:  Favourite childhood memory
Going to see Santa Clause and getting a lucky dip at Meikles

Yakayaka Billionaire on the February/March 2018 KA Magazine
Yakayaka Billionaire on the February/March 2018 KA Magazine

KA: 5 songs that you absolutely love
I can’t choose one song but I have an artist I love i.e. Nina Simone, JayZ, Migos, Nasty C, and Zim dancehall

KA: What is your favorite quote?
Dear Optimist, Pessimist, and Realist; while you guys were arguing about the glass of water, I DRANK IT. Sincerely the Opportunist

KA: What’s the one thing that you are obsessed about?
It has to be perfume and sneakers, I spare no cost

KA: Any advice for upcoming female artists
Slay in your lane and do you boo

KA: What were the highlights of 2017 for you?
Hearing myself on different radio stations

KA: What are your best memories of growing up in Zimbabwe?
Christmas; we cooked a storm and dressed up in glass my glass shoe and frilly dress

KA: Which 5 local brands do you like?
Mazoe, Pork Pie, Maputi, Cerevita, Things

KA: Man crush and why?
Idris Elba & George Clooney; it must be the salt and pepper. (Black and white hair)

KA: Who has been the biggest supporter in your career?
My family, everyone knows my songs word for word

KA: What your favorite fashion item and why?
Sunglasses it’s an addiction

KA: What are you most grateful for?
Life and opportunities it comes with