Sizwakele Ndlovu aka Zwa

ZWA a Gem on the Silver Screen

One of Zimbabwe’s most prominent faces on Zimbabwean television Sizwakele Ndlovu aka Zwa who has been working with on ZBC from its heyday times of “Teen Scene” a local youth show that showcased Zimbabwean talent and
youth culture.

The amazing and beautiful TV Presenter, MC, and Public Speaking coach Zwa has graced the television screen through its evolution and is a gem on the silver screen. Born in the City of Kings and Queens Sizwakele Ndlovu aka Zwa has been seen on television for as long as many can remember. The fun and youthful presenter is described by her close friends as a very spontaneous, intelligent, adventurous, outgoing and loving person, who lives a private life as she separates her job in the public eye and her personal life. Kwantuthu Arts Magazine caught up with the beautiful Zwa for an interview and catch up on what Zwa has been up to.

Kwantuthu Arts met up with Zwa at one of Bulawayo’s premier and historic locations Bulawayo Club. The Bulawayo Club was founded in 1895 a distinguished gentlemen’s club of stunning architecture an extraordinary piece of Zimbabwean history and the best place to talk to the extraordinary lady. Zwa told us that she had just recently worked with StarBrite 2015 on an outdoor adventure for the television program’s finalists. The boot camp program was new and interesting for a musical show talking to Zwa she expressed that that was an amazing experience.

How has your role in TV been instrumental in your career plans?
TV has made me recognizable. Which I think is a far better term for me than famous. This is turn has led to other opportunities like directing functions, promotional activities like voiceover gigs and of course more TV work. It is only lately that I have begun to develop more meaningful synergies and partnerships because of this “recognizability” and for that, I am truly grateful.

Zwa on the November 2015 cover of KA Magazine

What are the fondest moments in your television career?
Bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge was my favorite adrenaline-fueled experience!! I have bucket loads of moments I could talk about but the overall travelling all over Zimbabwe has been by far the best experience ever in my TV career

With the wealth of experience you have in broadcasting how do you see the growth of local broadcasting?
Mmmmmhhhhhh….I see young people taking charge and making movies and documentaries and what surprised me was the standard that is being produced locally. Obviously all the development is hindered by the economic environment. But what I have seen is that passionate people do not let money hold them back. They do what they can with what they have. Beautiful stories have been produced and I applaud the work that is being done out there despite the challenges. The financial issues have forced creativity – tell- ing a story without a Hollywood budget is to be celebrated and applauded. Once the economy performs, growth will be inevitable and noticeable.

Sizwakele Ndlovu aka Zwa

If you could shape the whole television industry what elements would Zimbabwe need to turn into a world-class industry?
Money money money to bring to life the stories out there. I would love to see more local training institutions that can harness and guide the immense talent we have in Zimbabwe.

What advice can you give aspiring people who would want to venture into broadcasting?
Bring your personality to the interview or the job or whatever it is you are doing. Knock on enough doors and someone will open one for you. Learn from people in the field, past and present. Love what you do passionately and keep your head up, persevere.

What is your favorite quote?
It’s lyrics from a song actually. From the original “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics.
Everybody’s looking for something Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want to be abused.