10 Fashion Accessories Every Man Needs

The concept of being a Man has constantly been changing iconic movie characters, celebrities through the use of media have defined and embodied the traits of being a man’s man. James Bond is one such movie character who over many years transformed the concept of a man’s man. The James Bond movie franchise and most of the world celebrities have influenced outfits, suits, fashion accessories the list is ever evolving but the concept of being a man’s man is constant.

With this ever-changing definition, there are constant things that still remain the same as a good sense of fashion style. We at KA Magazine has compiled a list of 10 Fashion accessories every man needs. These are, to us, are the 10 accessories every guy needs to own, regardless of your age, occupation, and lifestyle.

Some of the items on our list you may not wear often, but there will be an occasion, that would require you to use them.  The moment you will need them, and you will be thankful that you thought far enough ahead to get them, and you won’t be scrambling at the last minute.



Every man should have at least a good suit. Even if you only wear it once every year, you’re going to need a suit. Looking good and being well dressed is always about the details and a pocket square despite the color is an easily overlooked item that really does make a big impact on the overall look of your outfit. So be sure to add the pocket square to your shopping list.



One needs to make sure that their outfit does not look like there is something missing, a silver tie bar is a missing touch to your outfit. Most people tend to overlook this fashion accessory. A tie bar is something that adds that special touch to your outfit.



In your wardrobe, these two colors of shoes are the quintessential items. The preferred shoe design by most celebrity fashion stylists is an Oxford dress shoe or a DERBY shoe. A brown or black shoe looks great with your suit, but can also go well with chinos, jeans, and trousers.



One cannot emphasize the need to have matching belts for your shoes. A good quality belt will last you a very long time and ensure that whatever outfit you choose to wear it with your look good.



We all travel, some to exotic destinations, others for work in other towns, cities or countries. One needs to put the effort into investing in a good travel bag, which you will use in all your travels. This fashion accessory like the rest on our list is essential for every man.



A toiletry bag, it goes by many names, but this item is essential and goes everywhere you go whenever you use your travel bag or just visit the gym. A toiletry bag will carry all the essential stuff like grooming products, deodorant, cologne, toothbrush etc. Being organized whenever you travel is vital and you won’t be scrambling at the last minute when you realize you forgot something.



Depending on what you do for a living, a good quality bag for everyday use is also vital to keep you organized. if you are a creative or a student, then a backpack is great. Being in a more professional environment one needs to get a bag that reflects that through using a briefcase.



Using your lifestyle as a point of reference getting a timepiece that reflects your lifestyle is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you can afford to get more than one, then two would be the best. As you would be able to match your formal outfits and your casual outfits with a good timepiece.



Having a white pair of sneakers is a sharp look on any guy regardless of your age or body type. The color is good but hard work to maintain if the white color is not for you then get any plan color sneakers will do.



Long gone are the days of underwear, boxers are in. So, get yourself some good quality boxers. Make sure you choose a style that you will be comfortable with and does not make you uncomfortable.



Eye Health is vital, getting yourself this fashion accessory helps you look stylish and protect your eyes too. Get the right frame for your face, protect your eyes from the sun. So, whether you like sunglasses man or not the moment when you will need sunglasses will come and you will be ready.



This is the number one fashion accessory a man needs. Despite your lifestyle choices, your wallet says a lot about yourself. So, investing in a good quality wallet is a good thing.

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