10 Most Popular YouTube Zimbabwean Channels

A list of Zimbabwe’s most popular YouTube channels ranked by views by the million

Since its launch in 2005 YouTube has grown to be one of the most influential platforms and launch pads for the creative industries. With worldwide brands such as Justin Bieber, Vevo using the platform to share their creative works with world. One then asks if we in Zimbabwe have YouTube channels that are worth watching and have the numbers to show for it.

Our list of the Zimbabwean most popular YouTube channels focuses on Zimbabwean YouTube channels that create creative content, promote the creative industries, and have the highest number of video views as a channel. NB. We have not listed individual channels or other YouTube that do not focus on the creative industries.


  1. ZimEntertainment

13,935,714 video views

Zimbabwe Entertainment Your source for entertainment news, celebrity events and pictures. Get the latest fashion trends, TV, music and movie reviews, online videos and music …right on your desktop!! For Events, Interviews and Videography. Zimbabwe Entertainment keeping you connected and fresh from the source!!


Bus Stop TV

  1. Bustop TV

13,821,180 video views

Bustop Tv is a youth-run Zimbabwean media house that was established in 2014. We are widely known for our satirical skits that go viral as they comment on big political and social issues that affect society. BustopTv has the most creative, talented and experienced personnel in comedy, journalism, film and video production as well as script writing. BustopTv has a massive online audience.



  1. 263Chat

9,329,322  video views

Zimbabwean media organisation focused on encouraging & participating in progressive national dialogue

Zim Praise

  1. Zimpraise ExtolTV

8,283,893  video views

Zimpraise is an interdenominational Praise and Worship group with Worship leaders and Individuals from different churches and backgrounds. Our vision is that of Uniting Nations Through Worship for God’s glory. We are taking the gospel to the ends of the earth through Praise and Worship pressing towards the Mark of our Calling!!!!

Zi Metro

  1. ZiMetro

3,409,488 Video Views

I share everything, news, music, gossip, movies, comedy…

Jive Zimbabwe

  1. Jive Zimbabwe

3,197,434 Video Views




  1. ZimboJam

1,204,397 Video Views

Zimbabwean entertainment, showbiz, arts, culture and lifestyle.

Magamba TV

  1. Magamba TV

460,136 Video Views


Magamba TV is Zimbabwe’s leading producer of cutting edge, political satire and comedy shows. Magamba TV’s productions include Zimbabwe’s global satire sensation Zambezi News, the popular Tsaona show and the brand new The Week. Magamba TV is brought to you by Magamba Network.

Jibilika TV

  1. Jibilika TV

352,290     video views

Jibilika is a Zimbabwean youth run non-profit organisation which seeks to mobilise and engage young people in positive social actions through popular youth culture. It uses the energy and power of popular youth culture to bring about social transformation and development. Through this initiative, young people are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools that enable them to become social development agents and successful citizens. The project also provides young people the opportunity to use their own art, media, communication styles and ideas to make a difference in their homes, schools, and communities.

Nafuna TV

  1. Nafuna TV

250,829 Video Views

Nafuna is a multi-award winning digital media start up organization in Zimbabwe. We create uniquely Afrikan content as well as service the commercial and non-profit organizations with animation, video production and digital media work. We also create CG educational material through our educational initiative, Nafuna Campus.


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