Book Club: Cry Baby by Lauren Liebenberg

Cry Baby by Lauren Liebenberg
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Cry Baby by Lauren Liebenberg


Published: 2014

ISBN: 978-0143538615

About the Book

As he nears his fifth birthday, Sam’s curious dreams of a lost child begin to steal quietly into his waking state. Sam’s mother, Grace, watches with growing fear the disturbing changes taking place in her charming, spirited son – the fighting at school, the bed-wetting, the meteor showers of defiance. Grace is determined to find out what lies behind Sam’s nightmares, and the search will take her deeper and deeper into layers of love and bonding buried beneath the surface of the family, and into its molten heart. Cry Baby is a story about boyhood and motherhood, about what binds families, the past to the present, about suffocation and deliverance. It is at once a stinging satirical slap across the face of barren suburbia and a poignant hymn to the extraordinary beauty in ordinary lives.

About Lauren Liebenberg

Lauren Liebenberg (born 3 August 1972) is a Zimbabwe-born South African writer. Her debut novel The Voluptuous Delights of Peanut Butter and Jam was nominated for the Orange Prize for Fiction in 2008.[2] Her subsequent novels, The West Rand Jive Cats Boxing Club and Cry Baby, have also received international critical acclaim.



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