Bring Balance Back to Life

The more strength and flexibility you gain with your mind, the more you will feel it in your body! Bring balance back to you life through yoga.

What is Yoga? Yoga is a Vedic science, that was developed over 5000 years ago. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” meaning “union” it is a practice to unite Body, Mind & Soul.


To be Calm

Stress in today’s world is an inevitable part of life, however yoga teaches us to be aware of our breath and with introspection can change the outcome of any situation. Ideally stress will begin to subside with the tools discovered in yoga.

Finding Strength & Flexibility In Body & Mind

Over time the body will become stronger and yoga poses will feel much more accessible. Feeling stiffness and tension in downward facing dog and other poses begin to disappear. However, everybody is different and so is every day, and it is important for us to have each pose “feel good” within ourselves, some days we may feel “tighter” than the next, it is important to not judge ourselves and do our best in every class.

Yoga is one of India’s greatest gifts to the world, allowing us to experience a practice in order to gain wisdom, peace, and physical strength. This is the Union of BODY MIND & SOUL

Create yourself….Here are some balancing poses to help you get on your journey to bring balance back to your life.

Robyn Brookes - Bring balance back to life

Balancing postures strengthens muscles, builds co-ordination and balance. They improve our way of standing, walking, and help with how we perform every other day activities. This helps avoid falls that may lead to injuries.

As we focus and keep the attention in balancing poses, this will bring about balance in our mind. As soon as we are distracted by our thoughts, we become unstable. This is a great lesson to take out into the world when we step off the mat.

When we balance, we align our body’s with the center of gravity, with the earths gravitational field, bringing body and mind into equanimity.

Practicing balancing builds strength, agility, stamina and overall grounding and harmony in body and mind!

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