Check out Enzo ishall’s new video “Gwati”

Zimdancehall artist Enzo ishall recently released his new video “Gwati”. The video has been trending on Zimbabwean Youtube and has already got over 120 000 views on Youtube. Indeed, he once again effortlessly put on his A game and delivered a hillarious song.

About Enzo ishall

Born Stephen Kudzanai Mamhere April 23, 1994. He rose to fame with his hit songs “Kanjiva” and “Handirare Kuden Kwenyu.”  Previously signed to Chillspot Records based in Mbare, Harare. Enzo ishall has recently moved, signed out by zimdancehall fan and man of cloth Prophet Passion Java a few weeks ago.

The “Gwati” video basically takes one down memory lane, when stupidity was met with a cold hard slap (“Gwati”), either at home, school or within social settings. A slap has always been seen as an ideal way of reprimanding someone by elders. The video recounts the horror associated with a strong slap such as one having sleepless nights afterwards, living in constant fear and never wanting to talk about that encounter.

Check out the Enzo ishall Gwati video

Featuring Zimbabwe’s Top comedians like Ray Vines and the comic pastor. Enzo ishall in his Gwati video showcaes his creativity and innovation to  make music out of virtually anything. His other songs such as “50 magate“, “vanodheerera” and “Handirare kuden kwenyu” are irrefutable evidence. Enzo ishall has the creative ability to sing about day to day occurrences which is one of his musical strengths.

Gwati is full of humour and could leave anyone in stitches. The way he recounts how the poor victim in the song was slapped on his cheek could leave any fan with tears streaming down their cheeks, tears of laughter. Enzo ishall really outdid himself in his latest piece of work.

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Source: Youth Village Zimbabwe.

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