DANCE: i3 Dance Hub

i3 Dance Hub a series of eight (8) dance videos that are being released to make up a season of the dance education.  This first series will have an extra video that will sum up all the dance moves, lessons of the first season. The idea behind i3 Dance Hub is to over a choreographed dance package that is supposed to take anyone who is interested in their dance skill and craft to nurture it to the next level.

Choreographer’s Bio

The man behind iCube Dance Hub is Sean Mambwere a an acclaimed choreographer, NAMA award winner 2014, former leader and Co-founder of Rolex dance four (4) time Zimbabwe dance champions. Currently a Hip-Hop Dance Instructor, Choreographers and Teacher at MNM Dance Studio. Sean who just recently came from a one year dance tour in China.

I3 Cast is made up of:-

watch video here

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