How to match your skirt with the right shoes

It is always hard to nail the right shoes with the right skirt. Here is how to match your skirt with the right shoes

Skirts are very feminine and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you have no clue how to rock you skirt this spring, after reading this article, you will be able to wear your skirt like a pro!!

  1. Minis

If you want to rock your mini skirt and still keep it cute, the shoes you have to pair it with are;

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Wedges, pumps, boots, and sandals. With 4 types of shoes, you can rock your mini and paint the town red with the girls. You should, however, make sure that you are comfortable so that you will not keep on pulling down your skirt because you will be feeling uncomfortable.


  1. Full skirts


These skirts look fabulous with retro heels, pointy heels, and cute pumps.


  1. Pencil skirts

These skirts look professional, so you have to dress them up.

pr stiletoe.jpg

Stilettoes, wedges, long boots are the perfect shoes to with this skirt. These shoes give this skirt the va va voom.

  1. Midi skirts

These are the hardest skirts to pair with shoes, but if you want to nail midi skirts, rock them with;


Boots, wedges and stilettoes, these skirts want shoes that have long heels so that they do not look frumpy.

  1. Maxi skirts


Maxi skirts are perfect for spring weather, they are not only feminine but airy and flowy but they are very easy to dress up. Maxi skirts are versatile, and you can rock them with;

Pumps, sandals and wedges just in case you want a bit of height and the skirt is too long.


With the skirt and shoe manual, go on and rock skirts

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