HOW TO START A CREATIVE BUSINESS: Steps from Idea to StartUp (Infographic)

Start your journey from idea to StartUp Today! Build your creative business.

All businesses have a start and this is where most of us need the most help from idea generation, funding etc, in the case of creatives one needs to identify skill or talent. In some cases just to identify an opportunity is good enough. The next steps are Research, Planning, Branding, Marketing etc. These are some of the many components an entrepreneur has to master, the same applies with a creative.

The basics of any business are the same as you think of starting your creative business you need to know the fundamentals of business.  A business is based on supply and demand, as an entrepreneur one aims at seeing a need and fulfilling it and in the process make a profit. Then the question is what does a creative do in this same situation? The answer is summed up in two words ‘Great Work’.

Great Work is your biggest tool in developing your idea, it will create demand for your service, skill or product. You might be asking yourself how will this happen. The answer is anyone who will see your great work will recommend others to check you out. In the process you will make a sale that will translate to profit, not forgetting good planning and clear goals.

Here are the key steps  that are vital to the success of your creative business;


So in a nutshell you can start a creative business you need to define what you do, where you going, and what success is for you. When launching a creative business, there are a many factors to take into consideration but the key is to start experience is a good teacher. The reality also is that not all ideas but only some ideas you have may be suitable to pursue, go for it start now, begin your start-up creative business. As a creative take your art, skill or talent as a business get your plan together and be committed to the success of your creative business.

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