MUSE Album Listening Session

On the 29th of November 2018, at the Marakeesh Blue Room, MUSE gave his fans an exclusive, intimate album listening session.


For those who do not know the venue of the album listening session, Marakeesh Blue Room. The venue has great sound acoustics it is small, exclusive, intimate venue that offers a good ambience, well designed and carefully decorated. I think it was a good choice for MUSE’s “The Canvas – Perspectives of Love and Hate” album listening session.

MUSE - The Canvas – Perspectives of Love and Hate Album cover

The album listening session started promptly on time and the invited guests were mostly there. Our host of the evening MUSE got on to the mic and introduce himself and got the evening to an amazing start.

MUSE’s “The Canvas – Perspectives of Love and Hate”  listening session

MUSE gave an interesting creative journey that he went on to produce his latest album. Inspired by real-life events that happened to him personally, MUSE told us that he and an acquaintance happened to be interested in the same lady as a love interest. The lady in question did not inform either of the guys about this coincidence but tried to use it to her benefit. When they both found out MUSE chose to do the honourable thing and leave the lady alone. This event got him to pen his latest album ‘The Canvas – Perspectives of Love and Hate’.

The first song off MUSE’s latest album, The Canvas – Perspectives of Love and Hate started to play. The melodic keys on the intro of the first song got me nostalgic, I remembered the classic 90s hip-hop. The title of the first song is ‘Muerte’, Muerte is Spanish and means death. The song bemoans the loss of love by likening it to the pain of death. MUSE in Muerte the song showcases his lyrical prowess, metaphors that evoke emotions hidden and lost to some of the worlds harsh realities.

As the album listening session went on at Marakeesh Blue Room, the heartfelt songs off the ‘The Canvas – Perspectives of Love and Hate’ album. One had to open up their mind and heart as each song tugged on every source of emotion and life experience we have gone through. My favourite song was track four (4) ‘Bad Habit’, the instrumental was upbeat, the storytelling was detailed, a good track to listen to.

MUSE at his album listening session

MUSE who was very entertaining throughout the night sang along to some of the songs off his new album. All in all, a well put together album and amazing evening. One has to note that the vibe of MUSE’s “The Canvas – Perspectives of Love and Hate” album is more inclined to a good ear.

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