Music Video Review: Tekere, Tamy’s 2018 Festive Singalong

Not more than a month after the video release of Tamy’s single “Lay It Down”, Tamy is back with another outstanding video entitled “Tekere”.


For those who might not know Tamy is an award-winning Zimbabwean singer, songwriter and guitarist. Tamy has been releasing some outstanding music that has taken the music industry by storm. Her latest music video release “Tekere” is no exception, Tamy through this song Tekere gives us her listeners an amazing singalong song for the festive season.

The Tekere music video was directed by the multi-award-winning film director Andy Cutta, who is on a roll in 2018 with imaginative, groundbreaking and creative music videos. Tamy’ Tekere music video follows this incredible tread set by Andy Cutta that has raised the bar in Zimbabwean music video production.

The Tekere music video’s opening shot opens up with an amazing close-up shot of Tamy looking beautiful as ever. In the background is the Tekere song hook, the next shot on the intro of the video shows Tamy with a dancer as she introduces the Tekere song.


The 90’s pop vibe that the Tekere son carries is magically interpreted in the music video sets that are used in the production of the music video. Careful attention is taken in wardrobe choice as Tamy’s outfit in one of the music sets features a 90’s fashion icon the fanny pack. For those who are old enough, the fanny pack was a huge 90’s fashion accessory that took the world by storm.

Tamy - Tekere Music Video

Most of us do not recognise the level of creativity and craftsmanship needed to design a music video set. The one stands out for me on Tamy’s Tekere music video is the blue room. In the blue room Tamy is dressed in a classic 90’s outfit with Rollerblades, Knee High Socks, Hanky-Hem Top look alike. This look was made popular by the Spice Girls, was also featured in the 90’s movie Clueless.

Tamy in Tekere Music Video-3

The 90’s feel in the Tekere music video would not be a good representation without the 90’s make-up.  Tamy appears in several clips of the video with Body glitter, Dark lip liner, these are some of the huge 90’s fashion trends.

In conclusion, I would say that Tamy’s Tekere music video is an amazing tribute to the 90’s fashion trends and good sound to video the interpretation. The choreography in the video was simple, sensual and stylish. The video direction was amazing Andy Cutta and Tamy and personally, I say well done.


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