Book Club: Running with Mother by Christopher Mlalazi

Running with Mother by Christopher Mlalazi
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Running with Mother by Christopher Mlalazi

ISBN: 978-1779221872

Format: Paperback

Published: August 2012

About the book:

Unsentimental and unselfpitying, this short but powerful novel by Chris Mlalazi vivifies an account by Rudo, a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl who observes the terrifying events that take place in her village. Running with Mother provides us with a gripping story of how Rudo, her mother, her aunt, and her little cousin survive the onslaught. Shocking as the story that unfolds may be, it is balanced by the resilience, self-respect, unselfishness, and stoicism of the protagonists. Mlalazi’s novel is written with insight, humour and provides a salutory reminder that even in the worst of times, we can find humanity.

About Christopher Mlalazi

Christopher Mlalazi writes prose, for theatre, and poetry. He has three published books and has numerous stage plays which have been performed in the country. His awards and nominations include a Highly Recommended citation in the 2004 Sable/Arvon (UK) short story contest, 2007 shortlist for the HSBC South Africa PEN short story contest, 2008 Oxfam Novib PEN Freedom Of Expression Award (Theatre), 2009 NAMA Award for Best First Published Creative Book (Zimbabwe), 2009 Nomination for NAMA Award in Outstanding Fiction Book (Zim), and the 2011 National Arts Merit Award (Zimbabwe), for Best Theatrical Production .



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