Six-Oh releases Shumba Dzacho Music Video

“Shumba Dzacho” released by Six Oh directed by Creative Pot is the latest music video offering from Six Oh.


Six Oh a hip-hop artist released “Shumba Dzacho” the music video on the first of July 2018. Shumba Dzacho which is Shona slang statement for ‘We The Lions’. In his latest offering Six Oh showcases some of his lyrical prowess with tongue twisters, rhymes and metaphors.

Six Oh - Shumba Dzacho

The music video for ‘Shumba Dzacho’ is very colourful and well put together the beat and the visuals go very well together. The concept of adding the famous American hip-hop visuals such as a gas musk, hot girls, and the winter coats plays well to the songs title.


Creative Pot’s video direction was skilful and nice with some of the transitions looking like they came out of the ‘Power’ US television series opening sequence. Location for the ‘Shumba Dzacho’ video was spot on in creating an atmosphere of exploration of the songs message and visual interpretation of the song. On a personal note I think it needed more girls to sell the hip-hop lifestyle.

Six Oh - Shumba Dzacho

Six Oh who has been in the hip-hop game since 2013 has been developing his artistry and growing over the years. Six Oh has worked with the likes of Cal_vin , Mzoe 7 , POY ,K.L.A.P. Releasing various projects over the years such as ‘The Grind 1’ and ‘Grindhood’. All in all this is a good start to the year for Six Oh we are anticipating more visuals and songs, enjoy the video.

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