Stunner releases “Kwese” Music Video

Stunner releases an amazing, catchy singalong entitled “Kwese”, the talented musician decided to work with award winding Director Andy Cutta to deliver the ‘Kwese’ music video.

Stunner is a Zimbabwean Hip-hop artist who has hits such as “Team Hombe”, “Dhafu”, “Godo” to name a few. Stunner just released his latest video for latest offering “Kwese”, a song title that just screams media savvy. As the title of his song is the same as the name of the new satellite TV station Kwese. Kwese TV an Econet Wireless subsidiary offering alternative TV to local Zimbabweans has been all over the media with a huge campaign to attract subscribers to it’s new service.


The Kwese music video imagery show life in Zimbabwe as Stunner attempts to connect with a youthful audience. The Kwese video has some day to day life clips that have been cleverly placed in the music video. The music video also stays true to the dance youth culture as it features a few dance moves. Although the dance moves are there in the video they become a bit monotonous and as for me I failed to learn the dance from the video. Despite the lack of visuals to teach me the Kwese dance the music video has excellent lighting, colours it is all round a good music video.

Stunner born Desmond Chideme is recognised as one of the pioneers of Zimbabwean Urban Grooves music genera. Stunner released several musical albums over the years which saw him working with artists such as Roki, Leonard Mapfumo, Maskiri, EX-Q, Shinsoman, Ba Shupi, and many more. We are looking forward to se how his fans and music lovers will receive the new song ‘Kwese’

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